Thursday, June 24, 2010

J Litter 23 Days Old

The puppies are eating mush now in addition to Macy's milk. I have to say that these little ones are alot more delicate in their eating habits, so far at least!

Yellow is the biggest boy and he had lots of pictures taken of him today.

Chow time.

Yellow making the extra effort to get as much mush as possible.
Yellow fast asleep.

Yellow stretched out!

The rest of the gang after lunch.


The gang during one of their awake moments. In other words... it's time to poo and pee!
And, I have been officially accepted into the litter. Little Rainbow poo'd on my hand at one point this afternoon when I was sitting in the area. Very gross, but she was oh so delicate in her approach! I guess it's in return for my giggling at her last week when one of her brother's or sister's poo'd in the middle of her back!!

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