Friday, November 6, 2009

Izzy & Ingot - Puppies being cuddled - The first week

I had the pleasure of my first "official" puppy cuddling session today. It's wonderful to be able to see at least a couple of our "I" Litter puppies regularly.

Here are a few pictures of them in the "Puppy Cuddling Room" (aka the Board Room).

Ingot and Izzy in their kennel.

Izzy being just slightly comfortable.

Just a part of their play area.

Having a good wrastle.

And nap time again.

The puppies seem to be adjusting to the office life quite well. They really enjoy going outside to explore all the interesting smells on the back forty (aka the green space behind our building).

There are lots of rabbit and gopher smells. And, smells of the other dogs too!

They have both encountered Clive. Clive tolerates their interest, but draws the line at being sat on. I think Izzy thought that Clive was one of her siblings. They quite often sat on each other.

There will be more posts of the "I" Litter as they romp on through their training.

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