Monday, September 28, 2009

Still more puppy pictures!!! August 27th, 2009

I have taken hundred's of pictures of all these little guys. Thank goodness for digital camera's!

It's hard to chose which ones to post.

A patient mom playing with her puppies.

Snoozing on a soft lap.

Macy does not find it amusing.

Red. The biggest girl!

Waiting to eat.

Pink, the smallest puppy at the moment and her brother Black, the largest puppy.

Run like the wind!!!

White posing.


Another of Red. She's a beauty!

Little Green.

Helping fold the laundry.

Getting ready to snooze.

Puppies and one of their guests

Blue posing.

The sun shines of this sweet little boy!

Dinner time! Zoom !!!!! It's gone. These guys like to eat!!

Little Green again. Can you tell I like him?! He's a great poser too!

I'm going to not only miss him but all his brother's and sister's. They are the nicest puppies. That they love me as much as I love them is a bonus. The hear my voice and come a runnin'. And, you should see them follow Cheryl around!! I must try to get that on video before they go to their puppy raisers.

They are cute, lovable, healthy, well socialized little puppies. Being able to have them outside much of the time has helped them not be interested in loud noises. Thunder, sirens, magpies... and even their own mom doing a bark now and them does not faze them.
Cheryl has done a fantastic job with them!

Auntie Marsha.


home front said...

beautiful post Marsha. Thank you.

home front said...

ps...homefront is me, Irene.